Donald Trump: Political Catalyst



Catalyst: It is defined as a person or an event that causes great change without itself being affected.



While much negative commentary has been written and said about President Donald Trump he does have his die-hard followers. A recent email from one such supporter caught our attention and is published here in its entirety. The opinions expressed in the email represent the views of the writer. – gc

R E A D E R  C O M M E N T A R Y

” When Trump announced his candidacy, most of us laughed.

As time went on, he was saying the things that many of us were thinking. He was rough and gruff, but he was not your typical politician who held a focus group before answering any important questions.

Many of us were tired of our leaders (Obama was the ultimate example) apologizing for the USA and then sending billions of dollar to countries chanting “Death to America”

I considered myself a liberal until around the age of 30. While I am registered as a “republican”, I consider myself a “constitutional conservative” which may have a very different meaning in your country.

I believe in working hard, not depending on the government for handouts and following the rule of law. Under the Obama administration, laws were ignored and enforcement reserved for those who were in the opposition party.

Our media and career politicians hate Trump because he has upset the apple cart and actually has done what he campaigned on and are doing everything they can, including making up stories, just to try to destroy his Presidency. . .yet he keeps going.

Is he perfect? No, but who is? I believe he will go down as one of the greatest presidents in history and the Democrats are starting the realize that and it is making them even crazier.

I believe you will see a Republican surge at the mid-term elections and that Trump will be re-elected for a second term.

Hilary Clinton, if the world was a fair place, should spend the rest of her life in prison because any other US citizen that broke as many laws as she did would be.

I’m not sure where you get your US news from (CNN International, maybe?) but chances are is skewed against Trump and quite possibly not very accurate.

I hope this clarifies my position and I’d be happy to continue on if you have any further questions…G’day and cheers.” – Ray



    • Deluded or not Ray has the right in a democracy to hold his own opinions and express his beliefs. Trump has not mandated otherwise as yet. After his summit meeting with Putin who knows what will happen.

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    • I think that Trump will have to accept the act that he is a con man and liar when Kim Jong Un does not denuclearize his country. That will be the battle of an immovable force meeting and immovable object. Then the fireworks will begin.


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