Trump’s action merely a royal “flush”

“Lets not push it under the rug, or push it to the side because, no matter what, it’s going to keep coming up. You know, if you never deal with that dirt up under the carpet, it’s going to get larger and larger, and it’s going to keep coming up.”– Herschel Walker.

A N  A T Y P I C A L  B O A R D I N G   S C H O O L

Ladies and gentlemen we have all been had by President Trump.

On the surface he appears to be an incompetent idiot placed into highest office of the land because the United States was sick and tired of the old way of doing business.

Trump, master showman that he is, feigned his deep concern for all those children who  were taken away from their parents and placed in detention center holding areas.

He did not solve the problem or make any immediate plans to get these children back to their parents.

Instead this master of mayhem has offered them  a 20 day hiatus within which congress will iron out the wherefores and the why’s of this politically embarrassing issue. Once again the shrewd Mr. Trump has publicly washed his hands of the whole sticky situation.

Steve Bannon has taught him well. Confusion, coercion and conniving has enabled this bumbler to let someone else solve the nation’s problems for him.

What he could not hide from public scrutiny and outrage was the now revealed fact that there are many such “child care facilities” throughout the United Sates and many state governors are unaware that they even existed.

A number of these immigrant children were separated from their parents, shipped across the country and, for the last two months, secretly spent their days in an East Harlem foster care center.

The children were placed in foster homes by the federal government without the city’s knowledge, according to the mayor’s office.

The center is one of several undisclosed nonprofits in the city contracted by the federal government to supervise the separated children.

It has taken in 350 kids since the policy began in April, according to the mayor, who added the youngest child to be brought there was just nine months old.

While Jeff Sessions is quoting biblical scriptures to justify his actions it is probably correct to infer that Trump is glossing over his book “The Art of the Deal” hoping that an insignificant footnote contained in that compendium of misinformation will help him overcome this temporary blip in his political career.

Meanwhile back on planet earth the displaced children are suffering not only deep psychological scars but are also exposed to head lice, chicken pox and other diseases that appear when human beings are treated like animals. – gc


    • Trump and his wife are indifferent manipulators who crave public audience at every turn. The jacket she wore was an outrage. Maybe she keeps quiet because she does not have that much upstairs to share with the world. Remember she is an immigrant who ingratiated herself with wealth and power.

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          • Surely a First Lady must have advisors. Who else is to blame for this horrendous gaff.

            Someone let this pass and allowed her to wear what can only be described as teenaged apparel with an unfortunate message to the world. Others knew what the response of the world would be.

            Makes me think we are not the only ones who would like to rid the world of this family!

            They can gloss over it as they will, but the phrase heads will roll springs to mind here!


            • I think you are onto something here Susan. Even advisors to the rich and powerful have their fill of the insanity and consciously or subconsciously try to publicly sabotage or undermine a corrupt regime.

              The guillotine might be a bit drastic and messy in this day and age but having someone if questionable importance appear with egg on their faces is the gentler approach.

              Perhaps Melania is not as “innocent” as she appears. Her silence might conceal the fact that she is just as conniving and duplicitous as her hubby.

              Even Marie Antoinette stated “Let them eat cake”. The Trumps will one day eat crow and discover that their haughty nature and attitudes is difficult to swallow.

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