Donald the Great: A Herod-like despot

“Fear is the State’s psychological weapon of choice to frighten citizens into sacrificing their basic freedoms and rule-of-law protections in exchange for the security promised by their all-powerful government.”
― Philip G. Zimbardo, The Lucifer Effect.”

A  M A T T E R  O F  R I G H T  V E R S U S  L E F T

In case you haven’t noticed or have noticed but are too disgusted to care anymore Donald Trump is a lecherous, amoral and unprincipled as King Herod the Great from biblical times.

Both men are political schemers who took advantage of the political unrest of their respective times to claw their way to the top of the political heap.

Herod strengthened Israel’s position in the ancient world by increasing its commerce and turning it into a trading hub for Arabia and the East.

His massive building program included theaters, amphitheaters, a port, markets, temples, housing, palaces, walls around Jerusalem, and aqueducts.

He kept order in Israel but by using secret police and tyrannical rule. If the NRA was around at that time it is a sure thing that it’s political clout and financial muscle would have assisted this tyrant during his reign of power.

He was a brutal man who killed his father-in-law, several of his ten wives, and two of his sons. He ignored the laws of God to suit himself and chose the favor of Rome over his own people. Herod’s heavy taxes to pay for lavish projects forced an unfair burden on the Jewish citizens.

It seems at times that President Trump acts as if he ruled the universe and that his word is law.

His half-baked schemes to build a massive wall between Mexico and the United States, a special Space Force and his constant adulation of world renown tyrants indicates that he craves the type of power feared dictators hold over their countries.

It is hilariously sad that Vice President Pence lacks the moral courage and spine to try to control his fellow politician. – gc



  1. Trump is a legend — in his own mind.

    Some of us see him for what he truly is, and tyrant is a great description. And some Americans (me among them) are just as uneasy about that ‘second in command’ dweeb as we are about his ‘boss’.

    Neither has (IMHO) the ethics of a flea (apologies to fleas everywhere who are ethical), nor the honesty of the World’s Greatest Liar.

    America is in some deep doo-doo. And the ones with the buckets (our ‘leaders’) aren’t bailing..


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