A disorganization of loose ends

“A fine glass vase goes from treasure to trash, the moment it is broken. Fortunately, something else happens to you and me. Pick up your pieces. Then, help me gather mine.” ― Vera Nazari.

H A P H A Z A R D L Y   O R G A N I Z E D 

As the weather gets warmer many folks tend to get sloppier about their discarded items and as a result their useless clutter serves only one purpose: become a public eyesore and health problem.

This usually happens at month end when fellow residents have had their fill of their current residence and are in the process of moving into their new domains.

Missing the mark and having their garbage spread about the neighborhood is a situation that landlords from time immemorial have had to contend with.

The above array of trash is probably a god send to the bottle collectors who view the mess as a blessing and not an imposition. — gc





    • Hopefully you do have a new neighbor. Sometimes people just don’t care. I have neighbors who drop their cigarette butts, pop cans and half eaten sandwiches from their balconies. I used to get upset by this slovenly behavior. But now just pick up the mess and leave it at the front door entrance. Management here gave me a specific order to mind my own business. That is what I am doing. The mess is their concern. 🙂


  1. Not only an eyesore but a health hazard too and it looks like something’s had a go at tearing apart the refuse bags. Hard to believe that it’s been left like that. Good picture for challenge. 😊


      • Amazing how much rubbish (trash) we accumulate in this day and age when compared to yesteryear!

        My local supermarket has recently launched a new initiative for fresh foods – Bring your own container!

        Additionally, paper bags are replacing plastic ones.

        A good start but still a long way to go.


  2. The old trash-to-treasure is hard to appreciate when looking at this mess. Garbage is usually just garbage.

    I have lived long enough to now realize that I probably am not going to be the one who discovers a treasure.

    Neither will I be the one who cleverly changes junk into valuable art that people will pay real $$$ to possess.

    No…trash will likely just remain trash if I have any part to play. 🙂


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