The Summit of all our fears

“I’ll know within the first minute if Kim is serious about this meeting or not.”  – President Donald J. Trump.

U N U S U A L  P O L I T I C A L  P L A T F O R M S

What will happen when an enlightened despot meets with a world renown ruthless dictator to discuss world peace and denuclearization?

The outcome is anyone’s guess and history might shudder if North Korean president Kim Jung Un  successfully persuades President Trump to abandon his personal bellicose attitudes in favor of world peace and economic prosperity for all.

That was a mouthful but in the real world Trump is turning the United States into a rogue nation devoid of allies, friendly trading partners and hell-bent citizens determined to make America great again no matter what the cost or to whom.

Kim Jung Un and North Korea once held he title for being a hostile and loner nation. He probably gloated over this fact and also was relieved to know that his nuclear programs and missiles could inflict moral if not actual physical harm on the United States.

People who know him say that Kim is a “touchy-feelie” type of guy who probably enjoys rattling the competition with such physical contact.

Trump on the other hand is also the same type of person who enjoys groping women and denying the fact that it ever happened.

Both gentlemen are known to be bad negotiators who break their word and renege on their promises.

The president is so confident of his “one minute” appraisal that seasoned politicians are secretly praising him for his political acumen and bargaining style. Not.

If this session pans gold for the president he should write another series of instructional books:

  • The art of the Feel
  • Judging the competition
  • Why am I the only one who knows?

What if Kim is wise to Trumps tactics and within 30 seconds leaves the area in a huff and Trump siting there with egg foo young on his meaty face?

Now that would truly be a Kodak moment to remember. – gc



  1. Following Trump’s recent performance following the G7 summit I doubt If Kim Jung, or anyone else for that matter will ever take seriously or trust a single word that is uttered from his mouth ever again. Please note the word Performance here! Let us not forget the man is a showman!


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