Prompting you to action – Random

Greetings everyone. This site will hopefully be your blogging alternative to the former Word Press prompt site. Feel free to visit and experiment. Everyone is welcome. – gc

Weekly Prompts

One and Two

The first photo challenge is the word RANDOM.

Our random photo choice is the  ‘Dump’ Bin. A place for conscientious dog owners to leave their little  doggy poo bags, but both? Two AND One?  Really?   Gosh,  they must have some well-trained, long-legged dogs around here! No wonder the bin’s showing signs of  rust! 

So, what unexpected random photo opportunities have come your way? We’d love to see them, please do share with us. ~ Sue

Please write your post or share your photographs using the word-prompt, photo challenge, or both.  Create a pingback using the URL below  and we will list your post at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to your submissions and hope you will enjoy being a frequent contributor to our new site.

Why not talk to us,  your comments will be warmly welcomed on our Talk To Us page.   suew – gc

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