Trump has broken the American spirit

“One nation armed to the teeth and totally divisible.” –  Anon

America it seems has once again become a “tribal nation” and is effectively circling its political wagons in the hopes of warding off imagined threats and abuses from both trading partners and allies alike.

The updated notion of “tribes” refers to political and social groups in the country banding together and voicing their own concerns about unfair treatment dealt to them by a hostile and indifferent social environment.

The current resident in the White House and his less than honorable cadre of henchmen and carpetbaggers has lowered the morality bar to such a low point that the firing of a controversial female television personality (Roseanne Barr) has consumed the total interest of the mass media while a potential cover up of the number of deaths from last year’s hurricane in Puerto Rico has barely gotten any newspaper ink or interest.

Commentators are alleging that the Spanish-speaking brown-skinned people of the island off the American mainland have been ignored because of the island’s actual separation from the United States.

Pioneers came to the country to build new lives for themselves and their families. The wagon trains in those days offered a safe passage and convenient way to journey across the land in relative safety.

Today the new psychological trains are offering a modicum of security for those people who somehow feel slighted that they are not getting their share of the American pie.

As a result of such archaic thinking neighborhoods arm themselves against neighborhoods, ethnic groups are socially isolated from main stream America and the president himself is employing protectionist and isolationist tactics to make America great again.

Steve Bannon on a CNN interview recently stated that this is a healthy experience for America and added that there will be more unrest before the social, economic and political wounds can start healing.

Bannon still publicly praises Trump for doing the job thus far and indicates that it takes guts to shake up the status quo of indifference .

I wonder if Trump sent him a thank you note praising his loyalty and undying allegiance to his president.

Anything is now possible in this White House.

Trump might even pardon himself for his own wrongdoings. — gc






    • It seems that Trump is as confused as his new legal counsel who flaunts his pinkie ring like a big time gangster of the Prohibition Era. Where is Elliott Ness when you need him to clean things up?

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