Requiem to creativity and expression

“Creativity, as has been said, consists largely of rearranging what we know in order to find out what we do not know. Hence, to think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.”
— George Knelle

C R E A T I V E  P L A T F O R M  T A K E N  A W A Y

It appears that for many Word Press faithful users that the enlightened staff at that company has abandoned them for the pursuit of other interests.

Faithful contributors to the site’s Daily Prompt and Weekly Photo features might feel as though they have been sent to a mental gulag and are being punished for a crime they did not commit.

There are two ways to evaluate this situation: (1) reflect on all the good times you had as a site contributor and go on from there  or (2) grumble and curse the staff at WP whom you feel has done you a grave injustice.

While the managing staff at WP might use this occasion to pat themselves on the back for a job well done users as well should rejoice in the many opportunities they had to publish their works and the many followers they may have attracted to their sites.

I truly do not think it is fair that these same folks at  Word Press are recruiting new and inexperienced writers to their rank and file.

Where will these budding creative minds present their work and who will comment on their offerings?

In all fairness Word Press should pull the proverbial plug on any efforts they had in the past of training new users in the art of creating a web site or becoming trained \Word Press blog contributors.

Let these neophytes know up front that they will be writing without a net and without a support platform of their peers.

To continue the myth and then pull the carpet out from under them at a future date is criminal.

If you can use your creative force to get past this disappointment and setback and keep writing and doing your photographs.

The experience will help you overcome the shock and disappointment.

Whining and yelping will only bring you down.

A fond farewell to one and all.

Take care. Be safe. Enjoy your special talents. – gc


  1. Why are you saying Goodbye and to whom?

    You remember Rowan and Martin’s Laugh in? The WP prompt challenge participants always reminded me of those little windows, with Goldie Hawn and co popping up. 😂

    That’s what will go, those little windows where we could click and have a look through someone window to see what someone has produced. 😢

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  2. So …. you’re outta here?? Well crap. If you publish elsewhere, please do let me know. I’ve read your blog for a few years now and always got some laughter and some insight out of it. The reasons I stuck with WP in the first place..the creative minds. Do you have another site you’d recommend? I’m open to suggestions!


    • Thank you for following my site. Much appreciated. I will continue to write here and when my paid term ends will consider going to Hopefully that site will not trhrow paying customers to the wolves. Have a wonderful day. If you follow my site you will be kept in the loop. :)


  3. This week GC and I have discussed taking our partnership in another direction and although very similar to the ideas of others, for the benefit of of everyone else here, this is what we’ve come up with and although not finally formulated and with rough edges to iron out this is the idea.

    Following the demise of the Daily word prompt and photo challenge, Gerry and I are planning to conduct an experiment by introducing our friends to each other.

    Once a week we will take turns in choosing a word prompt and/or photo challenge and will re-blog each other’s article.

    We invite you to take part by using our prompt to write an article of your own. We hope you will leave a link to your article in our comments section and please check out any others.

    In some small way we may be able to continue where WP left off, meet new people, build our communities and continue to form new friendships.

    We also intend to introduce new bloggers to you in the hope you will welcome them to our communities,

    It is our mutual wish that you will join us 😊

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  4. I hope you are not leaving, Gerry! Question for you, though: you spoke of going to My blog site is on Will I not see your posts if you switch to .org?


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