“Roseanne” gets the corporate boot

“The Holocaust illustrates the consequences of prejudice, racism and stereotyping on a society. It forces us to examine the responsibilities of citizenship and confront the powerful ramifications of indifference and inaction.” — Tim Holden

B R O K E N  T R U S T  W I T H  P U B L I C  D E C E N C Y

If you are currently feeling a tiny twinge of sympathy and remorse for the cast and crew of the recently cancelled series “Roseanne” please don’t and save your empathy for more worthwhile concerns.

The cast and crew and writers and set designers were all willing collaborators in creating a controversial program which they  knew would appeal to a certain segment of the television viewing population .

The resurrected program managed to entice 18 million viewers and advertisers were ecstatic that this program had such a wide appeal.

Even President Trump was impressed with the fact that the recently revived show had captured such a large viewing audience. Barr and the president are reportedly close friends.

On the negative side of things the show from the first episode catered to those taboo subjects which in their day back in history saw the burning of wooden crosses in front yards, jack boots and swastikas and the anti-semitic socially acceptable norm that led to the gas chambers and ovens .

The show touted slanted and racial innuendo against anyone and everyone whom the creative writing staff probably believed would elicit a hearty guffaw from humor craving viewers.

In one episode a family from the Middle East was viewed as potential terrorists and the righteous Roseanne wanted to not only spy on the family but also prove her moral superiority over them.

The butt of her inquisitiveness turned out to be more American and patriotic than this demented and overly medicated real life actress.

In this situation the power of the Tweet which has afforded President Trump the platform he needs to spout off his racially biased tirades proved to lead to the demise and cancellation of Barr’s program.

Barr claims that it was the drug she is taking that caused her to lose control and act irresponsibly.

But the professing of racially based comment and innuendo is not the fault of a pharmaceutical but a person’s poor judgement and personal opinions.

Her popular show being cancelled must be a hard pill for her to swallow.

It is reassuring to realize that even the “high and mighty” must also answer to a higher power.

Kudos to the ABC Disney Production Studios for having the spine and the courage to cancel this offensive program. –  gc




  1. I’ve not watched this program since their children were school kids. Today I wouldn’t waste a moment of my viewing time on them.

    I’m assuming from your comments here that they still portrayed a slobbish, scruffy loud-mouthed family. I can’t help wondering if the program makers were glad of an excuse to shut the whole thing down. As for the woman herself I don’t actually know what she said!

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    • I think in this instance Susan I think the woman said a bit too much. It is hard to be civil when your foot is in your mouth like hers always was. The resurrected show was an updated version of red neck trash. End of story.


  2. Such an interesting turn of events: I enjoyed the original “Roseanne” but never watched the reboot. I wonder if ABC management warned her to behave like a human being before producing the show. And I do feel sorry for the cast and crew; it’s tough business and they were lucky to get work on a (then) highly-rated series. Thanks for sharing the CNN video!


    • Very welcome. Thank you for your comment. I think Roseanne Barr is a fighter nd will take her fight to the courts. She might even end up on one f those special pay per view channels.

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  3. Ever since she was doing standup comedy she has been gross, disgusting, rude, etc etc. She wrote a book and received more followers. Pushing the envelope in comedy is expected, but this is not the time to be acting and talking like Trump. I’m surprised her costar who I really enjoy as an actor, put up with this. A horrid example of womanhood is what I think. It is scary to think the show garnered so many fans, real….scary.

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    • As we all know by now Word Press Weekly and Daily Prompts are a thing of the past. I have a site “Weekly Prompts” which offers you a new platform to present your creative endeavors. Drop by anytime and inspect the site for yourself. Hope to see you there soon. Enjoy the day. 🙂


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