Daily Prompt much needed WP Forum

“Human beings are free except when humanity needs them. Maybe humanity needs you. To do something. Maybe humanity needs me—to find out what you’re good for.” ― Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

A N  O P E N  A P P E A L  T O  W O R D  P R E S S



This is an open and urgent appeal to those members of the Word Press executive team who have deemed it necessary to cancel the Daily Prompt service that many new and not so new members of the site have come to rely on for guidance and an effective forum to present their creative works.

I hope you realize that you are effectively pulling the corporate rug out from many of us who have used and depended on this valuable service for years.

The question is this: if you cancel this instructive forum what alternatives do the folks who contribute to this site have to turn to?

What about those folks like myself who pay the yearly fee to have their own site.

Your finance division has sent me a notification telling my that my yearly fee is due July 1 this year or else I will forfeit all rights to use the name and site.

If the Daily Post told is voided can I then expect a refund of the money I have paid until this July 1st deadline?

If it is merely a matter of money why don’t you just ask users to pay a stipend to keep the service running/

Why not take the high ground and assist those new users whom your site is asking to take your writing and blogging course.

Your action to eliminate the service is baffling many of us.

It appears that the Word Press family is more than eager to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Such a waste and a pity for a site as popular as yours. – gc





  1. I renewed mine a couple of weeks ago.

    Que sera sera… I almost feel as though I should apologise because I don’t feel as strongly as you on this issue, I see it as an opportunity to have fun with new ideas and move forward. Positive thinking can go a long way.

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    • A good point Susan. Did you receive a special email from WP informing you of the cancellation?

      It is fun as you say to move forward with new ideas BUT it is even more “fun” to have an ausience of creative colleagues to share in the creative adventure.

      Writing in a vacuum is not that inspiring.


    • You are right again Susan as usual. Bloggers might be blinded by the fact that their daily prompt is gone forever but the opportunities to be even more creative still is available. Having fun with new ideas is really what life is all about love. Thans for the heads up. xx

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      • Yes I received an e-mail from Ben Huberman last week informing me of the end of the prompt and photo challenge, which was the same day I told you about it, and presumably I received it because when I joined WP I subscribed to their latest news/emails etc.

        You will have an audience… the same friends you have now, that won’t change, You have your reader too. It simply requires a little extra effort to cultivate new friendships. Trust me, we can do this! 🙂

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        • Imagine Susan having a full tank of gas and no where to go to. Many bloggers on Word Press are filled with creative enthusiasm and only need a bit of direction and a platform. Without that they will be driving in perpetual circles.


        • I also paid for my site, only to receive notification that same day that the daily prompt was ending.

          I will say I’m disappoint but at this stage will carry on posting. I must’ve met I am finding it more challenging to come up with ideas on a daily basis to post.

          That is my challenge now. 🙏


          • I think you should try to get your money back from Word Press. You paid money in good faith or a service they knew would end relatively soon. They took your finance and left you to fend for yourself.

            I do not know how long you have left on your membership BUT I would try to get my money back as quickly as possible.

            These guys should know better than to take your money and run.

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              • Demand your money back. Tell them you are NOT satisfied with the service they now offer you and that your intent was to produce material that would increase your reader base. They have not delivered on their part of the financial contract. They left you high and dry and placed the money in their bank account. You have a good case here. Go for it!

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    • What the country needs these days is that strong sense of community that you mentioned. Writing in isolation is not the best way to be creative unless your are President Trump. An isolated mind like his is scary. Thank you for your comment.

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