Quiet protest or unAmerican activity

“Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us.”William O. Douglas

I S  T H I S  R E A L L Y  L O C K E R  R O O M  A C T I V I T Y?

President Donald J. Trump may be the first unconventional American president to not only have his female grabbing activities memorialized in the annals of history but also the first political appointee to effectively bully National Football League players to quietly contain their racial injustice activities to the cloistered realm of the player locker room.

It is humorous to note that this playful president’s womanizing and genital exploring proclivities have made front page news topics which should surely be contained to the back alleys of some crime infested areas.

Mister T. wants these ungrateful and obviously un-American individuals sent back home to where they come from in this case it probably means New York, New Jersey, California or even Florida. 

That being the case there is really no pressing need to have United States Immigration officers flooding the football play during half time to show these folks what happens when you flaunt American political correctness.

Many Republican cabinet members lacking spine will give Trump the thumbs up approval for having this activity banned from the airwaves especially during an important game.

Racial injustice has been kicked to the political sidelines for way too long a time and to not raise public awareness of this situation offers a form of quiet acceptance .

Well Mister President they are actually thumbing you publicly for being such an incompetent ingrate yourself .

If only members of Trump’s government would stage such an active public protest and not keep their heads buried in the sand hoping for a change of heart by this modern-day Nero. — gc






  1. “…Republican cabinet members lacking spine.” every single one of them and every darn time. I cannot even stand to look at his face in the news. It is sickening, aggravating, frustrating….I am mind-boggled how he bullies everyone who gets in his way. When will someone stand up and say, “Enough!”

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  2. A good post, but I think I’m torn on this issue. I always put my hand on my heart when the flag passes, I have a flag in the corner of my apartment bedroom because the complex won’t allow me to fly it outside, I dislike students at games who play and ignore the national anthem before the games. I do believe in protest. I do think disrespecting the flag is not correct because the fact it represents to me is the lives lost protecting our right TO protest. Confusing in my mind. I don’t watch football anymore because of the lack of football leagues refusing acknowledgement of brain injuries. Maybe you can help me out here?

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    • If only there was a single answer that would satisfy all your intriguing questions. In a way you are protesting a number of key issues that affect many players life after they turn in their team jerseys. Another modern day conundrum. Thanks for your comments.

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      • I don’t mean to disrespect anyone and ask them not to show their beliefs. I guess the flag as a symbol to me deserves respect, but I also think quiet protest should be allowed. I think Trump is just posing an unauthorized “law” again, far overreaching his position. What I don’t understand is how he keeps getting away with it. If this were a monarchy, I could understand, but it is not.


        • Trump believes himself to be a modern day Caesar and totally above the law. His entire cabinet has become Pontius Pilate and are washing their hands of this man’s political, social and moral atrocities. The Republicans have become political eunuchs and are incapable of reigning in their chaotic leader.


  3. An excellent article and very well said!

    My own country is ancient, Windsor Castle, for instance, the recent venue for a most royal high profile wedding, is a thousand years old, as no doubt are some of our quirky traditions! So I comment here as an observer of a relatively young country.

    With the native Indians as the exception, America appears to be a melting pot of nationalities, a nation made up of immigrants, and yet this president fails to see that.

    He has wiped out and fails to acknowledge a couple of hundred years of history. In affect he has forgotten his ‘Roots.’
    I’m certain most people will understand the meaningful emphasis I have placed on the word roots.

    Singing a national anthem signifies a pride in one’s country, and it appears to be more so in America than most other countries.

    So, If an individual no longer feels proud of their country and feels the government/administration is failing them, should they continue to sing the national anthem? I would say not, and why should they pretend? After all isn’t this supposed to be the land of the free?
    Shame on you Mr President !

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      • Thank you Cheryl. As you probably know, the National Anthem over here begins with the line God Save Our Gracious Queen, almost a prayer, so technically, we’re not singing about our country we are praying for the monarchy! Though many non-royalists (once known as Puritans) would happily change the anthem and do not stand up and sing. I don’t know the words to your anthem but I believe you sing for the pride you have in your country.

        It seems these young sportsmen believe the USA has given them a raw deal simply because of their colour, therefore, to an onlooker their stance is very understandable, how can they be proud of the way the country is treating them? And if the boot was on the other foot I’m sure white sportsmen would feel exactly the same way.

        As for Trump, I think he’s elevated himself into a position he doesn’t deserve, wasn’t born to and hasn’t earned. He mistakenly believes he is a monarch and therefore believes the black sportsmen are disrespecting him. Such a pity he hasn’t realised that no one else respects him either!

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