He can’t see (cough) forest for the trees

“We are all dust passing through the air, the difference is, some are flying high in the sky, while others are flying low. But eventually, we all settle on the same ground.” ― Anthony Liccione

Cleaning the winter dust and debris from the roadways is really no picnic. Somebody has to buckle down and do it eventually. The man with the portable gas-powered blower above is travelling alongside his counterpart who is driving the machine with the brushes.The dust and sticks and stones are blowing all around this poor guy. But before you feel too much sympathy for him realize he knows his situation here. In his left hand he is holding a cigarette which he puffed on vigorously during this cleanup operation. Guess he was trying to make the best of this gritty situation. -gc





  1. My first thought was ‘why isn’t he wearing a safety mask?’ I read on to the part where his left hand is holding a cigarette. My next thought was ‘I wonder who he will sue in a few years, the tobacco company or his employers?’


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