Reasonable length for a dog’s leash?

“The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too. –Samuel Butler quotes

It is absolutely astonishing the number of dog owners who purchase flexible length leashes for their dogs which I assume allows them to not only be outside with their animal but also frees them from the responsibility for any and all damage their pet may wreak while on its leisurely romp on neighbor’s lawns and hedges.

I have noticed that many such pet owners amble about like absent-minded professors and haven’t the slightest idea where their dogs might be or what mischief they may  be creating.

Many such owners extend the leash to maximum which many times seems like a 200 foot length of tether over which they have absolutely no control.

The owner unaware of what the playful pet is up to tugs on the leash with the hope that he/she can reel them in without incident.

Many times though the dog manages to get itself tangled up in situations in which the master tugging on the long length of leash gets the unsuspecting public involved in situations risking their personal safety.

One such situation happened recently to my close friend Susan W. who found herself lassoed by the tether and the owner pulling on the other end of the device.

The unexpected tugging on the leash and the dog’s immediate reaction of running towards its master brought her down to the ground   near the edge of a pond of ice-cold water.

The unaware dog walker was startled that this accident had occurred.

Other dog walkers yelled at her to use a shorter leash when near public walkways.

Her negligent behavior is akin to a driver trying to parallel park a large vehicle in a small space. It just don’t happen with incident.

This is a public plea to dog owners to please be aware where your pet is scampering off to when you are out and about.

It make sense to use the right amount of leash when enjoying your walk with man’s best friend.

Remember you are responsible for it and not vise versa. –  gc


  1. I agree completely, however lack of leash is a problem with my neighbors. Everyone seems to think their dog, no matter how cute, should roam free. Accosting children, running in traffic, etc, is no favor to the animal or its surroundings.


  2. Thank you so much for highlighting this incident and for bringing to the fore our concerns about the lack of control some dog owners have when ‘Fido’ is allowed a little too much freedom on the extended leash.

    On this occasion I was lucky, the outcome for me was bruised legs alongside my bruised pride and brought about by the fall. I am very fortunate and grateful that I didn’t end up face down in the icy lake. On the other hand… seeing as the focus of my attention at the time was photographing firemen on training exercise in the lake, I might have been have been short changed here, just think of the dramatic rescue! 🚒 🚁 🚣🏿‍♀️ 😉. Seriously, though, thank you xx


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