W. H. “Candy Man” needs to elaborate

“A drug is not bad. A drug is a chemical compound. The problem comes in when people who take drugs treat them like a license to behave like an asshole.” ― Frank Zappa, The Real Frank Zappa Book


H O W   S W E E T   I S   I T   I N  T  H E  W. H. ?

While President Donald “So Damn Insane” Trump is preparing a war on drugs his personal physician and man destined to be the new head of the Veteran’s Affairs Administration Donny “The Candy Man” Jackson is waging his own personal battle against prescription protocol abuse, lack of administrative experience and complaint of harassment from a female member of his staff.

The Trump legacy has taken on the guise of a not so well oiled Crime Syndicate in which nick names, bullying and backstabbing are commonplace for all those potential members of the cadre who would not dare flip to the authorities and implicate their beloved leader — unless a deal could be secured for themselves.

While the “Don” in the Oval Office is encouraging Ronny to fight the charges in court we can assume that many of his “off the chart patients” might be wondering if they too will be testifying in his defense in court.

The cadre of travelers on Air Force One and many members of the WH staff who needed any type of medication ( from sinus allergy relief to anti-depressant and sleeping tablets) sought out the services of Doctor Ron on an ongoing basis.

Ronny’s appointment to that post of responsibility still needs to be vetted and the Trump White House these days is the last place an incumbent to a position of power should go to seek truth, justice and the American Way.

One insider mentioned in a news interview that Dr. Ron was dishing out prescription like candy to any and all that asked him.

Did he violate prescription protocol by dispensing the drugs in a such a fee wheeling manner or is this the new way of doing business in the free basing world of Donald Trump?

Physician heal thyself might be sage words of advice. — gc





  1. He blames Obama and Clinton for everything, takes no responsibility for his actions. You are dreaming, G if you think he would take anyone’s advice. He’s omnipotent, according to himself. Of course he’s proving that every day while we all sit here incredulous.


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