Is Kim Jong Un Trump’s genie in a bottle?

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein.

A  M A N  O F  L I M I T E D  A B I L I T Y

Do you think that Korean president Kim Jong In will turn out to be President Trump’s magical genie in the bottle that will allow him three wishes: namely:

  1. settling the Korean debate.
  2.  creating a healthy economic and political bond between the two Korean states and ultimately the United states. 
  3.  making Trump the beloved and revered president he sees himself as being.

At times it seems that the president suffers from a toxic bout of Artificial Intelligence. (A. I.) for short. His thinking is muddled, his actions confusing and his denials vocal and vociferous.

His A. I. affliction manifests itself whenever he opens hi mouth and publicly bashes and malign those few folks in his service who at still loyal to him and his quixotic quest for historical greatness.

James Comey in several interviews has suggested that Trump not be impeached immediately but allow the American electorate to oust him and his party in the 2020 election.

Has Comey become an apologist for Trump and wants the American people to suffer more loss of morale , economic gain and political credibility by an amoral, insincere and indifferent despot?

Could Trump be hoping that the secret talks between the two Korea will not only lead to a negotiated and settled peace in that region but also place a feather in his own Yankee Doodle cap?

Trump has single-handedly ruined Hefner’s Playboy legacy and myth of the wholesome and buxom girl next door and turned this home-grown myth into a harpy bent on his own destruction.

Richard Nixon was impeached after his historic trip to China.

Why is Donald Trump the man that everyone loves to hate yet defends to the death? –  gc



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