Child’s Play

This is an intriguing and captivating article that tries to show the mind-set that young children adopt after they are exposed to the adult themes of life and death. Parents might not be watching their children but youngsters are like sponges and absorb their surrounding almost instantaneously. A good and thought-provoking read. – gc

Nan's Farm-Inside Out

Last words

Death after Life or Life after Death – A mystical distinction between sense and purpose!”  ~ unknown

“I knew if I lived long enough this would happen!” ~   unknown

There’s much to be said in favour of scattering a person’s ashes. For one thing you’re not likely to be admonished by the offspring for not bringing fresh flowers often enough!

I usually choose flowers that are likely to last two to three weeks, because that’s how often I visit the grave. Just lately though, the weather here has been appalling and I’ve been putting off the visit. A graveyard surrounded by open fields can be a cold, bleak place in winter.

The late husband, if he could make his views known, would tell me not to bother visiting, he wouldn’t care if his supply of flowers was permanently depleted, and he’d tell me to stop wasting…

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