Chocolate per se doesn’t sweeten day

“Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain.” ― Dave Barry


Are you one of those parents/grandparents patiently waiting by your telephone today waiting for a sign of life from your children or grand children to call you up and wish you Happy Easter?

Has your spouse/ loved one given you a box of temptingly delicious chocolates or colorful Easter eggs to help you celebrate the joy of the day.

In this day and age with all the electronic modes of communication  available that one’s offspring simply do not find the time to call and wish you a Happy Easter.

I know this sounds like whining but many senior parents would love to get a phone call from their children at least on the major holidays.

I realize that Mother’s Day and Father’s days are the calendar’s shabby attempt to make up for this discrepancy in the parent child relationship.

If you find yourself in this situation today share the box of candied sweets with your significant other knowing that down the road your “busy” children will remember you on those days honoring your existence.

To the rest of you I wish a very Happy Easter. – gc


  1. This might depend on the family’s view of Easter. For the non-believers, the holiday may simply be a bonus, a couple of days off work, nothing special and doesn’t warrant a special greeting.

    On the other hand, If the religious significance is of importance, then an Easter greeting would be welcomed.

    The question here might be who makes the first move, parent or child?


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