Medical skill is not managerial skill

“President Trump is the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” – Doctor Ronny Jackson.

B E T R A Y A L(L)   N O T  A N  O P T I O N

People near and dear to President Donald J. Trump need to familiarize themselves to the fact that schmoozing, personal competence and in this case a clean bill of health will keep them on the fast track to success despite their real world lack of relevant experience in getting the job done. That is the art of the deal for him.

President Trump recently gave Dr. Ronny Jackson , his personal White House physician,  a clean bill of health in early March to run the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Trump tweeted “I am pleased to announce that I intend to nominate highly respected Admiral Ronny L. Jackson, MD, as the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs….2:31 PM – Mar 28, 2018”.

Jackson is a Navy rear-admiral who rose to national media prominence after he addressed the press from the White House briefing room in January to discuss Trump’s health.

While Jackson said the president needs to lose some weight he added the physical exam he conducted showed overall that Trump was in good physical and mental health.

Spokesmen for the president stated that he feels very comfortable with this young doctor who gave him the glowing review about his physical and mental competence to hold the office.

Hopefully this rising star will be able to rejuvenate an ailing Veteran’s Affairs and not be another “yes man” in Trump’s cadre of inexperienced personnel.

The fact that Trump allegedly likes to have his butt spanked with a folded magazine by a porn star and his ego flattered might make the admiral’s situation with the commander-in-chief a bit more than a tongue-in-cheek manoeuver for this former marine biologist. – gc



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