A man and his meandering ambitions

“Tis better to have love and lust
Than to let our apparatus rust.” ― Kurt Vonnegut.

President Trump seems to be the type of person who enjoys having his finger on the pulse of the country which unfortunately at times includes his enchantment with a woman’s genitalia, the twitter send button and his nuke button prominently displayed on his desk for all to see. Fortunately his trysts into the nether region of politics and sex  are coming back to haunt him just as Robert Muller’s investigation is closing in on the truth. Hopefully his philandering ways will cease. But this wish is based on reality not fantasy. – gc





  1. Love your characterisation. Perhaps I’m being a little premature here seeing as it’s only March but it sounds as though you could ‘Probably’ name him ‘Person of the Year’. The question is Year of what? 🙂


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