Kushner can’t sidestep messy situations

“We must make the world honest before we can honestly say to our children that honesty is the best policy.” –  George Bernard Shaw

A   S E L F   I M P O S E D   M E S S I N E S S

Every day it appears that the first family is one of the last families anyone would conceivable want to have as neighbors.

Although the family has billions of dollars to play around with they appear to be lacking in honesty, integrity, morality and more importantly class. Clothes do not make the man.

The Trump family has successfully converted the respectability and poise of former White House inhabitants into a present day Circus Maximus  in which name calling , back stabbing, dishonesty and thumb down tweeting has made friend and foe wary of the bug guy himself.

It was inevitable that Jared Kushner has become embroiled in the financing of this 41-story story office building on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan in New York city.

In 2017, Kushner Properties announced plans to repurpose the building to a design by the Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid.

It appears that his father’s “The Art of the Deal” may have offered him bad advice and combined with his own political ineptness and oft time forgetfulness landed him into political and financial hot water.

It might be a case of poetic justice that the “6 6 6 ” address might foretell his own fate and that of his bumbling know it all father.

As we have all seen it is best not to fan the flames too much around this family or else your inquisitiveness might be red lined by you know who.

It appears that the “father of all lies” is in control of the White House.  – gc





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