Trump action might trigger trade war

“The job of elected officials is to answer to the people who sent them to Washington – not to scorn them, not to demean them, not to mock them, and not to sell their jobs and dreams to the highest bidder. ” – Jeff Sessions

Now that President Donald Trump has settled the controversial gun issue in his own warped mind he has decided to raise the tariff charges on the steel and aluminum imports that are entering the country.

While in the short short-term this might be a good thing to protect U.S. business in the long run even his staunchly loyal supporters will feel the sting of his action.

It may be that the price of beer, a new car and even the traditional baseball bat might see a drastic rise in prices.

This and other actions he initiates in an impulsive manner might make America great again but it also might topple not only the sensitive stock market averages but his family run White House oligarchical regime.

His great American plans for the country might just flounder on the unforgiving rocks of reality.

His myopic visions of greatness and personal success at times make him much more closely akin to the short-sighted Mr. Magoo of cartoon fame much more so than Jeff Sessions the current attorney general of the United States who he has publicly maligned and labelled in his tweets.

It’s time to either close the country for business due to a lack of enlightened leadership or drive the Don and his cadre from the hallowed halls of power. 

The country used to represent all those values and ideals that did make it great but under the current mad man’s influence the integrity, honesty, morality and dignity of the nation has been tainted. – gc


  1. The bewilderment on the faces of these students is a joy to behold and I imagine quite similar to the expressions on the faces of those unfortunate individuals who voted for the mop-haired baboon in the first place. Meanwhile, those in possession of a mature thought process can only watch and wait. Enjoy!

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