Imagining Trump as the Lone Ranger

“Bravado may stir the crowd, but courage needs no audience.” ― T.F. Hodge.

T H E  G R I P E S  O F  H I S   W R A T H 

President Trump for all intents and purposes is the consummate armchair quarterback who brags about how would have done something after the crisis situation has safely passed.

At a recent news conference he bragged that he would have rushed into the school (even without a weapon) and tried to do something about the teen age shooter.

He is repeatedly using the argument that “if you love children and want to protect them” you as a responsible teacher will sign up for firearm training.

It is difficult to believe that a man with a bone spur problem would be able to rush anywhere except maybe to the bathroom to relieve his aching bladder.

You have to treat the man life a rattle snake whose babblings and ranting are meant to influence the more gullible members of his audience.

If he were a more courageous man he would take up arms against the National Rifle Association and not offer his hair brained solution to a grieving public.

Recently Delta Airlines has come under fire and was labelled as being “politically active ” because the firm took a stand against the NRA and refused to provide future discounts to its membership.

Each and every day Trump demonstrates to the world that he is a wind bag who lacks a sense of reality and the major issues that are plaguing his country.

Perhaps the Republican party should buy him an adult sized hobby-horse so that he can chase bad guys and bad hombres around his bedroom without putting the rest of the country at risk. – gc


  1. Hearing his comments made me sick. How long is it going to take before he is carted off to the big loony bin the sky, or anywhere, just OUT of government? People argue the VP Pence would be worse, I don’t think it’s possible..


  2. Up until now, the image of Trump riding anything in his bedroom was not a scene that readily entered my head (thankfully), but you’ve fired up my imagination as I picture him prancing around bareback on his little hobbyhorse, thanks for that one! Very funny Gerry!
    Makes me wish I’d taken lessons in making Flash movies! Great article, thank you 🙂


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