Teachers’ Monday morning misery

“Bad advice will blind you, good advice will instruct you, excellent advice will enlighten you, and transcendent advice will elevate you.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

It is fairly obvious from the events of the last number of days that President “know it all” Trump is quite willing to throw grade school teachers under the bus in order to not offend his NRA support and  campaign contributors.

Does he really expect teachers to congregate at the target practice range during their lunch hours to hone their firearm skills?

Apparently these same instructors after going through the “proper” training will be able to handle and obliterate any attacker in a manner that is easy as pie.

Does this attitude not indicate that he is a mentally feeble leader who is transferring the shoot ’em up world of television into a life and death situation in which the collateral damage is the lives of innocent children and their teacher guardians?

Too many Republicans and staunch NRA members are laying the blame on the deranged folks who sneak through the cracks and make the headlines.

One politician recently commented that the break up of the family and the lack of having a father figure at home might be the root cause of such shooting disaster.

Many feel that these attitudes held by and expressed publicly by hard-core gun owners represent a political cop-out and the public forgiveness of the NRA philosophy of pushing for the forceful enactment of their beloved second amendment right.

However these same folks have in their own way limited the first amendment right to free speech. The Center for Disease Control and the National Institute of Mental Health have had their funding cut by this president who finds such research a waste of public funding.

You begin to wonder if the bone spur in Trump’s leg is beginning to affect what limited mental capacity he does have beneath his phony crop of hair. – gc





  1. “You begin to wonder if the bone spur in Trump’s leg is beginning to affect what limited mental capacity he does have beneath his phony crop of hair.” Indeed. I think he’s suffering from brain spurs these days.


  2. Yes, I’m an observer from across the water, but as you know, I’m also one who taught for a number of years. You also know my family background, so for the benefit of others, my son teaches and my daughter is an Education Manager. Therefore, even as a foreigner, I feel I am qualified to dip my oar into these murky waters.

    You raised some good and valid points here, as you did with the previous posts on this subject.

    Children have rights and one of those rights is to attend school and be educated in a safe, secure environment. An environment that is financed by their parent’s taxes. An environment that should be protected by the government of the day and not by a staff that is paid to educate them.

    * Trumps plans for arming teachers, I’m guessing he’s not thought it through. (That would be a first!)
    * Would it be compulsory or voluntary?
    * Would teachers be paid extra for talking on the role of a sheriff/student body guard?
    * Most teachers regard their profession as a vocation and not merely a job that pays the rent.
    * I cannot imagine a scenario where a dedicated educator would welcome carrying firearms in the presence of young, vulnerable and impressionable youngsters.
    * Every teacher feels the need to protect their pupils/students, it goes with the job, but they too are equally vulnerable and more so if Trump has his way.
    * carrying dangerous weapons is inviting more trouble, a trouble that couldn’t possibly protect these young students.

    I repeat my previous comments. The only way to end the massacre of the innocents is for Donald Trump to grow a pair (apologies ladies) rebuke the private ownership of firearms, turn this corrupt system around and stop taking bribes and show the NRA who is in charge.


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