“Armed” teachers would be invisible

“A teacher would have a concealed gun on them. They’d go for special training and they would be there and you would no longer be a gun-free zone,” – President Trump.

G U N  S L I N G E R S  W A N T E D  I N  S C H O O L S

Whenever President Trump opens his mouth he shows how non conversant he is on the serious reality that the majority of Americans face.

It appears that he is now aggressively  issuing a clarion call to all teachers to arm themselves and take aggressive action against all those want to be individuals who are currently slaughtering young students in the country’s defenseless grade schools.

In his most recent naive pronouncement he said that the gym teacher , if he had a firearm he would not have had to run. “He would have shot and that would be the end of it,” Trump said.

He suggested that an armed teacher on campus could reach a school shooter faster than responding police officers. “You’d have a lot of people who would be armed, that’d be ready.”

Trump’s proposal to make 20 percent of public schoolteachers ready to fire back at a shooter would mean training and arming about 640,000 people nationwide.

In effect he is converting that little red schoolhouse on the prairie in the Alamo and we all know what happened in that place.

This call for bravado on the part of school teachers mocks reality especially since this man has : never been in a combat situation’ (2) never put his life on the line defending others; (3) never felt the anguish and self-doubt that responsible people who have been forced to kill another human being in self-defense have experienced.

Trump in effect is preventing his active criticism of the National Rifle Association (NRA) who are proponents of the second amendment right to bear arms.

The Don is a master of manipulation and deception and is hoping to add to the ranks of the NRA’s membership by allowing teachers to carry weapons in class.

Teachers having the concealed weapon permits will become similar to air marshals who are allowed to bring weapons on air planes to protect passengers from potential terrorist activity.

The president should stop shooting his mouth off about arming a civilian portion of the population that is entrusted to educate the future citizens of the country.

It seems these days that the NRA and Russian President Putin share a comfortable position in Trump’s back pocket — friends and associates above and beyond reproach. — gc





  1. You already know my opinion on this subject, I’ve repeated it frequently and loudly. And I will say again, teachers are educators not sheriffs.

    The U.S needs to remove the centuries old law and stop allowing the general public to own personal firearms and perhaps then the child massacres will cease.


  2. I loved your Barney Fife clips.

    Most teachers would be more competent but is that what they spent their training years learning to do? They are teachers; let them teach.

    The police spent their training years protecting others; let them protect. Thanks for this post.

    It illustrates the senselessness of arming teachers.

    Solving gun problems with more guns makes about as much sense as solving nuclear weapons problems with more nuclear weapons.

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    • Glad you liked the video clip. Although Deputy Fife wore his gun holstered to his side Sheriff Taylor allowed him to carry only one bullet and that was safely tucked away in Barney’s shirt pocket. At the time it was the humorous stuff of comedy. Today it is rapidly becoming a matter of survival.

      If Trump thinks that a teacher armed with a Glock hand gun can easily take out a shooter sporting an AR 15 assault rifle then he is a bigger fool than we give him credit for being.

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      • I suspect he is a bigger fool than we credit him for. One of my daughters teaches in a middle school – her first year. She is struggling just with figuring out how to manage a classroom and curriculum demands.

        I do not see how she could be expected to learn how to take out a gun man, especially since she was raised in a no-gun family.

        His proposal is nonsense. It is good though to see others share my sentiments. So glad to meet you.

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        • It is nice to meet you as well.

          Teachers have enough “in class” responsibilities of their own. Trump’s argument about arming teachers is just as flawed as his political notions. If the Oval Office had a dunce cap for stupidity he would be the main candidate warming the chair in the corner of the room where he rightfully belongs.

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