Some AR-15 owners wage war on gun

“Indeed the safest road to Hell is the gradual one–the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts…” ― C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters. 

A man in New York has gone viral after he posted a video sawing his AR-15 gun in half in hopes that one less gun will result in fewer mass shootings. Scott Popillardo who legally owned the disputed weapon created  video in which he sawed the weapon in half. He said that the safety of young children far outweighs his right to bear arms. -gc

A S S A U L T I N G   A   K N O W N   K I L L E R

Many gun owners you chat with these days are appalled by the violence that the AR 15 assault rifle can inflict on unsuspecting individuals especially children.

When you mention some type of governmental intervention to limit gun ownership many say that this would be a “slippery slope” that could eventually lead to the outright banning of any type of weapon used for personal protection.

Many outraged students in Florida are demanding some type of pro active response from their elected representatives which would out right ban the ownership of such a weapon of mass death and destruction.

The right to bear arms is a constitutional guarantee. It is also a god given right that children have the right to life and not be subjected to the whims of the mentally deranged or the pussy footing around by members in government who fear treading on the business ventures and dreams of the National Rifle Association  (NRA).

It might come to the point in time where the individual owners of such weapons might take it upon themselves to disable and or destroy their highly prized possession in the name of decency and common morality.

Would it not be an act of good faith if the owners of such weapons were given a financial incentive to either destroy or surrender their weapon in exchange for a hefty tax break on their income taxes.

The funds could be provided by either the National Rifle Association as an act of good faith or by a special branch of the government allocated with the funds to offset the financial loss that the owners might have incurred.

It is obvious that all the marching and protesting in the world will not sway this current government to change its attitudes about gun ownership.

It might be up to the owners themselves to do the morally responsible thing and either destroy the much contested weapon or surrender it for that coveted income tax break. 

Doing something like the owner in the photo above sure beats doing nothing and hoping that the government will act out of good conscience. – gc



  1. Quite simple. Such weapons should be banned for individual ownership along with handguns and when the law is passed, offer an amnesty along with a time limit in which the now illegal weapons are handed in.

    Today I was horrified to see a news item that showed a gun store in the USA that resembled nothing less than a large firearm supermarket.

    I can‘t help wondering if the American public is aware that a civilised world finds this sickening.

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