There’s no trill in coughing on others

“The best thing about getting a flu shot is that you never again need to wash your hands. That’s how I see it. ”  — Chuck Palahniuk

M I S E R Y  L O V E S  C O M P A N Y 

Have you noticed that this is the time of the year when a majority of people become extremely generous spreading their flu germs to others. 

The continuous echoing of their coughs travel down drug store and super market aisles like a banshee in a haunted castle.

Their actions are especially galling if you have had your flu shots and have taken precautions to ensure your own health from the contagious flu virus that is making its way around the country today.

One day last week I was in the super market getting a few needed essentials when I heard the spasmodic coughs of a female customer in an aisle two rows over. 

Since I did not want to contract the flu I hustled into other aisles in the hopes of avoiding her totally.

I had one more “essential” thing to get and ended up in the express line behind this inconsiderate flu sufferer. Her basket was filled with cold medications that ranged from cough medicines to Vicks Vapo Rub to 24 hour cold caplets.

She knew she had the flu but this fact did not stop her from coughing openly and boldly on the female cashier. The woman did not excuse herself from jeopardizing the cashier’s health and well-being and merely paid her bill and walked out the store.

The cashier looked at me while the woman was coughing on her and just shook her head.

Such stupidity on the part of the customer is inexcusable.

I wanted to reprimand the woman for being a dolt but remained silent.

In an effort to be humorous I said “Let the cashier beware of ignorant customers”.

The cashier got the drift of my message and only smiled. — gc

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