Presenting the “Golden Globes” of hope

“Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact.” ― George Eliot.

H O PE  L O O M I N G  O N  T H E  H O R I Z O N

I am offering my own interpretation of the Golden Globe Award to all those folks who watched the show and felt totally nauseous after Oprah Winfrey not only threw her hat into the political arena but also put her foot in her mouth when she continued her personal soliloquy of rant and rave.

The television advertisers for the event  should also be financially reimbursed for the way the program’s content skewed the viewer’s interest in their goods and services.

The country does not need another inexperienced billionaire in the Oval Office receiving on-the-job training and support and advice from other moneyed individuals who are just as naive and politically inept and inexperienced as they are.

The award I present is free of political rhetoric, innuendo and malice.

It is the type of “feel good” recognition award that the citizens of the United should receive for their wisdom and patience with a president who lacks not only a sense of self but a conscience to boot.

The current oaf in the Oval office has only three more years left in which to bring the once thriving and peaceful country to its knees.

That is not fake news folks but a very sad reality. – gc


  1. Well said. The Golden Globes and other award shows have turned into yet another political venue, detracting from their purpose. And let us hope that the oaf in the Oval Office does NOT have a full three years remaining in his tenure. He very much needs to be gone by the end of this year.

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    • I agree with you 100 per cent. Trump is facing stormy weather and hopefully will run aground and he will be a political castaway for the duration of his term in office. Do you get the eerie feeling that he sees his term(2) in office as a tenure? Hopefully this will not happen.

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    • You have the right idea Pat. The awards and other such shows have become political platforms for the rich and flabbergasting. . It is amazing that folks that rich can de so damned dumb. It must be a process of yin and yang getting its wires crossed.


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