In the blink of an eye they appear

“The time in your life can go by in the blink of an eye, so look for what lasts a lifetime.” J.R. Rim, Better to be able to love than to be loveable

As I sit in my easy chair sipping a tall glass of Captain Morgan Rum and white cranberry juice I notice that the winds outside my patio door are doing two things: (1) blowing a majority of the leaves about the yard frantically and (2) carefully allowing other leaves to seek shelter near my doorway. You begin to wonder if there is a selective process happening here  (a pecking order if you will) in which the chosen few will escape the ravages and taunts of a hostile winter while the rest will fend for themselves in an uncaring world. Life at times does imitate art. -gc


  1. A lovely thought, Mother nature’s final breath. But the LIFE in these dried and crumbling leaves HAS long since gone.

    However, looking on the bright and practical side, her swirling wind has swept them into neat and tidy heaps making it so much easier for you to make that final winter sweep! 🍂🍂🙂


    • Ahoy Mate. Glad you enjoyed the post. I took the photo one day before I actually wrote the article. I suppose the tasty rum helped to stimulate my imagination and write the post. Have a great weekend. Thanks for writing. 🙂


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