A differing kind of political loop(hole)

“The moment you try working on what appears difficult to you, you will start noticing it’s loopholes that you can breakthrough.”
Israelmore Ayivor, You Can Rise

Double jeopardy or double entendre?

If you watch CNN these days top-notch, professional news reporters and anchors are having a serious debate about President’s choice of wording and its political correctness.

Discussing the use of the term “shit house” or “shit hole” is totally inconsequential. Reportedly hard-line races use the hole analogy while more moderate adversaries liberally use the house term.

Has American society hit a new low with this president so that issues of national concern are relegated to a back burner so that national clarification and justification for his choice of words occupies the nation’s consciousness?

Recent events in Hawaii , nuclear destruction from North Korea, the DACA issue and closing down the government this Friday have escaped the national spotlight so that the nation’s greatest minds can decipher the words of a man who probably missed his grade school course on Potty Mouth 101.

Now that Trump has had his physical and offered the nation his medical report and fitness stats ad nauseam will the big guy challenge North Korea’s Kim Jung Un to a physical challenge — comparing his belt size to that of the North Korean leader’s?

Nothing these days is beyond reason. Stalwart republicans will stand behind their president even when he leads them down the road to hell and not more fittingly the beckoning halls of the nearest Weight Watchers.  – gc









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