Not meant to evoke sympathy for Trump

People understand me so poorly that they don’t even understand my complaint about them not understanding me.” Søren Kierkegaard

Writer’s Comment:

I am not attempting to be an apologist for the fumbles , foibles and antics of Donald Trump, the genius and babbling president of the United States who while lacking a firm grasp of reality can be counted on to have a firm grasp of an attractive woman’s butt. But there are times when his idiotic blather may contain a kernel of truth. This may be one such occasion.

In July of 2017  two new resident immigrant families moved into my apartment building. They were from the type of countries that The Don publicly slammed and labelled in a negative manner recently.

There was much fanfare and furor done to prepare their unit for residency. Repairmen worked late into the night to prepare the unit for them. The apartment was stripped and new appliances, carpeting and a paint job completed before their move in time.

From the first day these folks moved in they managed to create intentional tension and havoc with the long-term residents including myself. I live on the main floor and one family moved above my suite and the other family across the hall.

Both families threw their refuse on the lawn and did not pick up the trash. One family has two dogs ( which constantly yap) and the other family I later discovered had a duck. All the animals lived in their suites.

The folks upstairs constructed a physical walkway for their daughter and dogs to walk in. When there was a water leakage problem in my suite the Customer Service Rep  (CSR) told me that the newly decorated suite was filthy and filled with an array of wooden walkways. This was in October of 2017.

Recently there has been more unofficial “in suite” construction and during the day you can hear chickens clucking about the suite.

The new female CSR is not aware of this recent development. She has proven herself to be totally sympathetic towards the new residents status and tries everything in her limited power to appease and accommodate their unorthodox actions.

I have recently discovered that to complain will only end up with me getting a formal reprimand so it’s best to suffer in silence. The one tenant claimed that I was prejudiced against them.

I raised the complaint that my neighbor across the hall was leaving garbage in the hallway. The folks upstairs have converted their suite into a bed and breakfast stopover and their guests drop by on a 24/7 basis. 

I guess I am getting a bit too sensitive to their shenanigans. Single family suites are being converted into multiple family units all with the apparent approval of management.

It seems that the powers that be have overly kowtowed to these folks and that in this situation the other tenants can either shut up or move out.

These new citizens have failed to accept the social norms and customs of their adoptive country. Keeping livestock in your living quarters is not something that is done in more advanced societies. 

Sometimes Trump makes a good point badly and does so in a dramatic and controversial manner. – gc



  1. You might try contacting the city health department about the livestock and the trash and the city housing authority about using a single family unit into a multiple family unit or into a B’nB, which may be housing code violations.


    • Thank you for your suggestions. If you read my blog articles then you know that I have waited patiently to receive a new stove. SO far that plan s in the works.

      I figure if I “rock the boat” ( Noah’s ark) one of three things will happen: (1) The committee will graciously give me an old stove from an empty suite ( this was done before; (2) delay processing my order for the stove; or (3) label me as a “complainer” and put me in the proverbial “chicken little ” category and ignore my requests for any suite service.

      There hs been a recent development. The appearance of tiny brown worms near a bathroom wall has inspired me to call the board of health next week to examine the situation.

      The four “teenagers” in the suite above mine are “unusual” characters as one maintenance worker has told me. “They are different” he said.

      I will write to the main office of this international rental company and tell them of the situation.

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  2. It was brave of you to write this article Gerry, many would have shied against it. Very well said.

    Noise abuse, keeping livestock within an apartment home, waste discarded and abandoned onto corridors and lawn areas, is kin to the way of life people endured a couple of centuries ago and is turning the area into a modern day slum and surely an offence.

    Not to mention an open invitation to the unwanted vermin that have plagued you since the arrival of these people.

    The question the management team should be asking themselves is, would the concerned, harassed neighbour, have raised complaints against the nuisance neighbours had they been white Canadians? The answer to that of course is YES.

    Another question waiting to be asked is would they have actioned sanctions if the offending neighbours had been home grown Canadians?

    We have a saying here, An Englishman’s home is his castle. The actions of your neighbours, who are clearly uneducated in the culture and customs of a modern world, coupled with the inept way management is dealing with the situation, has removed your basic right to peace of mind and a secure existence within your own four walls.


    • You hit the nail right on the head Susan.

      Money hungry landlords are bending over backwards to fill empty suites. It is almost to the point of being a state of sodomized.

      I have been reprimanded a number of times ( four) for sticking my nose where it does not belong.

      At a recent “Customer Control” meeting on Saturday I again reprimanded and politely asked to mind my own business or move out if I a not happy living here.

      The woman’s comment is hilarious. She has been newly appointed to this Customer Service position and is more of an appeaser than an administrator.

      One day she will either get her sense back or else be fired for gross incompetence.

      Only time will tell Susan.

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  3. Actually, your comment brings to mind another caretaker, the one residing in the White House. Maybe someone should do a little research into his real estate and tenants and more importantly where they are from. Though I could be barking up the wrong tree here. Just another one of those random thoughts.

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