The down side of many a winter blizzard

“I used to stare up at the sky trying to see where the snowflakes were born. I could do it for hours. Well minutes. But it was always the waiting that was the most fun.” — Unknown.

We ll secretly dream of having a white Christmas and get especially nervous when that magic day approaches and nothing has happened. But when the month of January rolls around  the snowfall once unique and beautiful becomes a problem for both pedestrians and motorists. This mountain of snow was removed from a nearby parking lot and the children created caves and passages inside the frozen mess. The frigid temperatures and strong winds have sucked most of the moisture from the snow. – gc


  1. Funny how a number of your snow pictures resemble food. This one here with the mounds of shovelled snow brought to mind chunks of frosted cake, Mmmm… that looks nice I thought, then I spotted the yellow bits and somehow the whole thing took on a less appetising appeal! 😀

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  2. Our lane used to become snow bound. We would become blocked in due to high snow drifts coming across the fields.

    Foolish people attempted short cuts and tried to negotiate the lane, became stuck and abandoned their vehicles.

    On a narrow lane the snow plough couldn’t get through, but for my children this was a treat. No school and a chance to play on the lane and imagine you were climbing the highest mountain.

    This hasn’t happened for many a year, climate change perhaps?


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