Subtle brilliance sometimes saves day

“In order to share one’s true brilliance one initially has to risk looking like a fool: genius is like a wheel that spins so fast, it at first glance appears to be sitting still.” Criss Jami.

S O M E T I M E S  A  G R E A T  N O T I O N 

When I moved into my current suite 66 months ago I noticed that the above stove had seen better days. I think Betty Crocker was a youngster and playing with her Easy Bake toy oven when this antique Frigidaire relic was manufactured.

I noticed a few unusual things about my life-size uneasy bake monstrosity. The oven door did not fit properly thanks to a former tenant, the rubber lining around the door was torn away and the most peculiar feature of all: there was no light inside the oven to allow users to see what they were baking.

The maintenance man at that time had a brilliant idea. He borrowed a smaller oven door from a vacant suite and affixed it badly to the unit. Well any port in a storm I thought. I was persuaded by his pseudo but on the spot professionalism.

I asked him about getting an oven with a light inside it. He suggested I hang a flash light on the oven door handle and shine it inside whenever I use the dated unit.

That in his opinion was another proof of genius.

Last Thanksgiving when I tried to cook a turkey and it exploded in the pan I knew it was time to request a newer, user-friendly model.

I continued to use the oven in its diminished capacity state until last month when I tried baking cookies and the unevenly heating oven destroyed the baking sheet  and burnt the cookies on the outside rows.

That being said I requested a new oven and a few days later Julius, our current maintenance supervisor, surveilled the stove; commented that it had no inner light; and noted that the door did not fit properly allowing the heat to escape.

I also presented the ruined cookie sheets and the dark stains on the sheets where the cookies had burnt to a bloody crisp. I called it my forensic evidence. A bit of brilliance on my part I thought.

A few days later I received an email from the rental office notifying me that I was in line for a new stove ( not a replacement) and told there would be a waiting period.

My  ace in the hole here rested in the fact that I did not visit the rental office to say hello to the new office manager for the past month. She thought I was on vacation or ill.

I told her in a mater of fact manner that I did not have any reason to either call or visit her. I had my wrists slapped by a management team that told me forthrightly to “mind my own business” which I had been doing.

That strategy worked and happily I will be getting a brand new and not previously owned stove somewhat soon.

George Strait was correct. “You  got to have an ace in the hole.”  — gc




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