Russian roulette vs North Korean politics

“I like to know who is in charge so I can totally ignore them.” — Doctor Who

T R E A T   Y O U R S E L F   T O   A N  O L I V E   B R A N C H 

Did you notice how peaceful it was during the Christmas break?

The presidential tweets were relatively minimal and the world seemed to be in a much safer frame of mind.

The Donald got in a lot of golf while he vacationed at his Florida bunker. Rumor has it that he was trying to lower his gold handicap.

Unfortunately when he returned to the real world his tweeting fingers got itchy and he began his virtual tirades against North Korean president Kin Jong Un’s attempt at a peaceful gesture with the South Koreans.

It was a political olive branch that was skewered and roasted by Mr. Trump who seems to feel that any type of global peace settlement must first go through his tiny and incapable hands.

The world now realizes that Vladimir Putin has had his political way with Trump and that being an accepted fact of political life the leader of North Korea  is trying single-handedly to broker some type of peaceful accord with his neighbors to the south. The United States be damned!

But The Donald , probably feeling slighted, told the North Koreans that his nuclear button was bigger and he was ready to use it. No fake news. No empty bravado. Just the real thing folks.

I guess Trump was not aware that North Korea , according to informed  sources, will have that larger missile ready in a few weeks time.

That could  be really bad news for the rest of the world.

Trump should have tried to improve his political handicap and not concentrate so completely on the size of his weapon.  — gc



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