The not so jolly side of groping women

“Save a life. Grope your wife.” — Unknown.

A    H A R D R O C K   C A N D Y   C H R I S T M A S 

It seems that groping is a male dominated occupation and avocation.

The increasing number of rank and file members in the “#Me Too” outcry against groping could easily override the number of stand ins and extras used in C. B. DeMille’s cinematic  classic “The Ten Commandments”.  

I guess at this stage of the groping game there should have been an eleventh commandment added: “Thou shalt not grope”. But those were the days when one person begat another and the definition of that word is open to loose translation.

In this day and age those folks who grope freely due to their celebrity or power status are inundated by a sea of public protest and their phallic scepter of power confiscated and placed in a spot where the sun don’t shine.

I think there might be a counter movement twisting the original meaning of the words. What if the old boy network of power players and wannabes are more than happy to sign a full disclosure document proving to the world that even though they may be over the hill they still have fire and pluck and bravado.

Perhaps many of these accused individuals are merely innocent dupes if a plot weaved by male enhancement drug manufacturers whose Research and Development departments have discovered that over dependence and abuse of that special pill causes a man to lose touch with reality and allow hiss little head control his bigger one.

Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility” novel should be rewritten for all those males who tried to trip the light fantastic on rubber legs.

The impossible could happen but how many times in life will a Fred Astaire entice a Ginger Rogers to share the spotlight on the dance floor but only after signing a non disclosure agreement.

Men today who seek their jollies by groping and fondling women should appreciate the fact that they have a lot more to lose than they ever imagined.

Women are people too worthy of respect . — gc


  1. Groping is unacceptable. However, with the recent news of Senator Franken’s stepping down–I’m both saddened and angry on so many levels.

    The democrats put him in the same box as the pedophile from Alabama and the president who has had 17 women come out about his sexual abuse. Misconduct is not abuse. Franken’s actions were nowhere near the actions of those two

    Franken’s actions were idiotic and sophomoric. The pedophile from ‘Bama is a criminal–as well as the one in the White House. They have committed crimes against women.

    Whatever happened to women retaliating with a swift jolt of the knee to the groin of a guy who gets fresh? That’s what I’ve done and I can tell you, it never happened again.

    Thank you for bringing up the subject though. It’s a good post!!!

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    • Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated.

      Public shock and amazement seems to wrap up the disbelief that so many trusted, respected and powerful men could debase themselves by groping women in their immediate vicinity.

      I thought that the women’s movement “empowered” women to stand up for themselves and not be manhandled or physically manipulated by male associates ( friends, colleagues, acquaintances).

      I am glad that you knew enough to knee the offending male who needed that rude awakening.

      In this day and age job insecurity in not a good enough reason to allow such predators to take advantage of their female cohorts.

      Thank you for commenting.

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  2. This what happens when testosterone surge and go out of control. Learn to raise the testosterone naturally on my page 🙂


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