“Creamy” coleslaw gets third degree

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold , it would be a merrier world.” –  J.R.R. Tolkien.

Many times an ingredient in a tossed salad or slaw is so important to its overall success that omitting it from the recipe wreaks havoc for the customer. The traditional coleslaw pictured above is usually prepared with care and success. Sometimes the creamy ingredient in this preparation is omitted and the slaw loses its credibility. I have on a few occasions informed  the people who prepare the slaw that it is dry and lacking that expected creamy texture. They cannot explain why that happens. My solution is to add a generous amount of mayonnaise to the dry mixture. Sometimes in life you just have to improvise. – gc




One comment

  1. Is it always prepared in store? Sometimes these places buy in ready prepared slaw and other side dishes and to give it the homemade appearance they simply empty the contents of the
    plastic catering box into a serving bowl. Could be the reason why the staff can’t answer your questions on the prep.
    Your solution of adding mayo to personal taste sounds like a good plan, you’ll be making your own next! Would you like the recipe? 😀


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