U.S. power zoo tainted by sexual folly

“The interesting thing is how one guy, through living out his own fantasies, is living out the fantasies of so many other people.” –  Hugh Hefner

How many crocodile tears can possibly be shed by startled friends, co workers and associates of those sexually senile individuals who have not only successfully mounted the corporate structure of power and success and still feel the need to grope, fondle and harass their female associates?

Personally I am getting sick and tired of turning on the “nightie” news only to discover that the person who used to occupy the anchor seat for so many years was fired for being a grubby handed son of a bitch.

Surely to goodness the close friends and associates of the accused and dismissed individuals must have had the slightest clue that their colleague’s inclinations and proclivities bordered on the sexual.

It seems that these days the female news anchors are left to save face, deny their knowledge of any such wrongdoing and hopefully maintain the high network ratings that their recently dismissed colleague jeopardized by his impulsive actions.

Movie moguls, long time news personalities even the president himself has been publicly accused of being too touchy feely with the females in their immediate vicinity.

Even the leader of North Korea is getting into the act and launching his own phallic projectiles into deep space so that one day he too can deliver his own pay load into the heart of America.

What kind of world is this in which an allegedly violated person is paid hush money and required to sign a non disclosure agreement to hide the fact that their supervisor is an out right ass hole and sexual predator?

Take heart. Even an alleged predator like Roy Moore has the staunch backing and support of all those religious fundamentalists who truly believe he is the aggrieved and wronged party.

The modern-day power structures are governed these days by grumpy old men who seemed to have swallowed one too many Viagra capsules in the hopes of not only bolstering their flagging libido but their public image as well.  – gc










  1. I thought I’d share a statement I read recently.

    In many parts of America, cultural rules strengthen the patriarchy and the privileges of maleness by defining men as free agents and women as property.

    Hitting on women may be rewarded by cheers from other men. As other men have reported, I’ve never heard anything in a locker room (or in a poker game) like Trump’s comments.

    Still, to the extent that Trump’s behaviour with and about women is reinforced not only by the women and their bodies but by giggling admiration from other men, it’s cultural. Michael Karson Ph.D., J.D.

    Not just in America, having met a few in my time, this particular male type exists the world over.


  2. Additionally, men in positions of power are fully aware that power in itself is an attraction and many in their arrogance and with experience, continue to expect all women to welcome and be responsive to their advances, however vulgar these may be.


    • It is amazing to me that these over the hill and out of shape males are forcing themselves on younger , vulnerable women. These guys ought to be ashamed of themselves and not feel flattered when mixing it up with the boys. Their actions must the direct result of a Viagra overdose or some such physical/mental malady.

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