Mini mall holds nest of hidden dangers

“Those who cannot remember the past will spend a lot of time looking for their cars in mall parking lots.”  — Jay Trachman .

The designers of this mall walkway has converted a sidewalk into a hazardous crawl space. As you walk past the stores you need to be aware of the fact that customers exiting them are swinging the doors wide open literally making you a sitting duck for the occasional bump, bruise, contusion or jangled nerve. The space between the doorway and the end of the walk is eight feet. The doors to the stores here swing open roughly five feet. If you are a senior using a walker, a mother pushing a baby stroller or a senior using a cane to get around you are in for a harrowing experience. This is one sidewalk that needs to be carefully rethought if not reconstructed. – gc


    • I imagine a door that opens both ways or at least an automatic one would be far better for you. I can only imagine how difficult it must be. My only experience of wheelchairs was with my mum and her wheelchair and she had me to help, but that was difficult enough. Mum also had an electronic invalid three wheeler, but because she’d never driven before or even ridden a bike I spent my my time following on behind and picking things up she’d ploughed through.

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