Turban squash preferable winter choice

“I pretended like all the oranges rolling everywhere were her happy memories and they were looking for a new person to stick to so they didn’t get wasted.”   ― Stephen Kelma
As I foraged about my favorite supermarket in search of that perfect orange pumpkin I passed by one display of squash that caught my immediate attention. This colorful item is called a “Turban squash” and is related to the buttercup squash. It is also known as “Turk’s turban” or “French turban” and is a type of squash most often used as a winter squash. It is an heirloom, predating 1820.






  1. I do like this photo, so warm and bright, it wouldn’t be out of place in a picture frame. What did you tell me the fruit was called, Gourd was it? I’d never heard of it or seen it until then. Thanks Gerry 😀


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