This Safeway facelift outright sham



“Enlightenment is not about cocooning one’s self, but about integrating more fully with both your self and life.”   ― Jay Woodman

How safe is your Safeway outlet? Roland, the man with the shovel in this photo, was commissioned to remove all those imitation brick pieces that were becoming lose from the columns at the front of this one west end outlet in Edmonton. The story is the actual upgrading effort. – gc

L I G H T E N I N G  A  C O L U M N ‘ S  L O A D

Roland, a carpenter by trade, told me last week that the imitation brick facade attached to the columns at the front entrance to this outlet had been done “on the cheap” and the workmanship was shoddy and poor quality.

If you look at the photos you will notice that the “bricks” were attached directly to vertical wooden planks and not a wire mesh which Roland told me were essential to ensure that the bricks would remain firmly anchored and stand the test of time and changeable weather conditions.

Roland was hired to scrape away the loose bricks and haul them away. He did not tell me what the next step would be: possibly update and replace  all the tiles on all the columns.

On Friday morning , 24 hours later,  I visited the store again and noticed that all the tiles had been magically replaced. I felt as if I had hallucinated the whole event. There was no one there to question about this treatment.

On Saturday morning I again visited the outlet and noticed a few of the recently installed bricks had become dislodged from their new placements on the column.

A few missing bricks  laying on the ground showed to the casual onlooker  that wire mesh was not used to secure the new brick covering to the column.

Safeway had been recently purchased by Sobeys Canada and that the company was considered to do things on the cheap.

One of the store managers told Roland that a major overhaul of the columns was in the offing but indicated to him not to hold his breath.

This imitation facelift was allegedly done from an esthetic point of view and not from one of overall pedestrian and customer safety.

A Botox injection can only do so much to rejuvenate an unsteady situation. –gc


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