Not all schnauzers like to schmooze




“There comes a point when you have to realize that you’ll never be good enough for some people. The question is, is that their problem or yours? ”  – Anon.

Some dogs it seems are not as readily sociable as others depending it seems on extenuating circumstances. I noticed these two dog owners walking their pets. The woman on the right had two dogs and the one on the left a schnauzer. The two women began to chit-chat and after a few minutes the schnauzer felt the urge to walk away from the action and head out for its potty constitutional. It tugged and tugged on its leash and finally persuaded its master to get back to business and continue their walk. If only dogs could talk. –  gc

N O   T I M E   F O R   S M A L L   T A L K


  1. Uh, the woman you’re highlighting has a DACHSHUND. That’s a dachshund. Schnauzers are furrier and shorter in body length and I believe snout size…and they mostly all have little patches of light fur above their eyes, giving them a perpetually surprised look.. Um. Just my opinion of course. Carry on. (Huny, the dog who owns me, who is a chihuahua, said rhetorically one time “Whose walk is it anyway???” I had to concede it was hers. )

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