Does it take genius to do anything?


“When you do the right thing, you get the feeling of peace and serenity associated with it. Do it again and again.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Why is it that someone’s personal property apparently abandoned by the side of a gas filling station is treated as if it is the crown jewels of England? 

 Yesterday morning I needed to fill my car’s gas tank and parked alongside a municipal fire truck. I saw the above shopping cart at the side of the building partially blocking vehicular traffic. I got out of my car and snapped a photo.

One of the firemen in the truck made the comment ” the city s beginning to see more and more of this stuff.” I agreed with him and then watched the driver of the truck inch his way slowly past this obstruction.

The driver’s actions  made no sense to me.

Why not just move the damn buggy?

I went inside the store to find the owner of this obstruction.  No one in the store took ownership.

I then informed the manager about the eyesore. 

We both walked outside to evaluate the situation.

Finally we moved the buggy to a safer location behind the store.

The abandoned buggy sparked my curiosity. Usually people who collect odds and ends place a great deal of value in their day’s work.

This person (male or female) had given up the ghost and left the scene entirely.

If you look carefully at the buggy’s contents you will see a mannequin’s face peering out from the helmet’s interior.

In this day and age you have to be highly aware of your surroundings and an abandoned buggy of that size could prove to be ominous. It would be the ideal place to house explosive materials or much worse.

It pays to look a wee bit foolish and take some type of action to protect yourself and other people in the vicinity than to ignore the situation and carefully skirt the problem. — gc


  1. I’m surprised the fire people didn’t move it or at least check it out. They would here. Of course I’m prejudiced since there are two firefighters in my family!😃


  2. I think my feeling would have been that this person already had so little privacy, as I would have supposed them to be a street person, that I would not want to destroy what privacy this pile of belongings might have represented. Not logical, but intuitive.


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